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Tourism is perhaps the most ancient industry of mankind. As the time have passed on tourism has emerged as a major industry and infact becoming a science. Now organizations and countries are trying new tactics to attract tourists from around the world to gain revenue. Tourism is a major source of income now a days in mojor economies . Now a days there are many types of tourism like Agritourism, Culinary tourism, Cultural tourism, Ecotourism, Extreme tourism, Geotourism, Heritage tourism, Medical tourism, Nautical tourism, Pop-culture tourism, Poverty tourism, Religious tourism, Space tourism, War tourism, Wildlife tourism. Also with increasing competetition most of Travel related business are making their websites to give them an edge over other tourism business.

Also one can book their air tickets and hotels from ,, and many others. For the purpose of promoting travel related websites these sites can be submitted in travel directory and submit them to travel blogs. The website can be submitted to Tourist promotion sites and web directories.
Cultural tourism is the tourism where some body visit a particular place to look and see clulture of various places. Medical tourism is the tourism where people go to other countries for the perpose of undergoing a medical procedure. There may be many reasons behind this like in some countires there are inadequate medical facilities so there may be certain diseases the treatment of which might not be available in that country.

Other reason for medical tourism might be that in some countries the medical facilites might be too expensive and people travel to other countries. Heritage tourism is done mostly by travelling to the countries where the ancient civilizations exists and people want to see and know about that civilization. There there are wildlife and Safari tourism where people to go to Africa to see lions and tigers and others animals. So all sort of websites related to travel can be submitted to travel Directory to market and promote them.